Train tracks can turn a playground into a graveyard

Train tracks and railway property are not playgrounds! If you chose to play near the tracks, you’re trespassing and you risk being killed. This is the subject of one of last year’s Off the Rails Contest winning entries. This video, created by The Les Invincibles team from Mont-Laurier, Que., offers viewers some key rail safety reminders – the main one being that railway property is not a safe place to play!

The Les Invincibles team - Project #203: second-place winners in French multimedia category

Since this video is in French, we’ve written this brief synopsis for our English viewers: This video was extremely witty and high quality as it was formatted as a movie trailer. By delivering a format like a movie trailer, it did the trick—it hooks the viewer in with its fast-paced soundtrack, hard-hitting rail safety messages and impactful images in 55 seconds. Those include:
  • “I like to have fun safely.”
  • “Life is not a game.”
  • “This right here, is not a playground. It's dangerous.”

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