A rail safety message from GO Transit’s Peter Mohyla

Peter Mohyla GO Transit Meet Peter Mohyla. He’s been one of Operation Lifesaver’s biggest rail safety champions for over 26 years. And while rail safety is his passion, it’s also his profession. Peter works as a Safety and Community Services Officer with GO Transit and spends his days making sure Canadians know that being rail safe saves lives. Throughout his career, Peter has focused on educating the public to help break bad habits, deter trespassing and keep people safe near railway crossings. Peter Mohyla GO Transit We encourage you to get to know Peter better. Watch this interview we did with him about his career in the rail industry, the dangers of trespassing on railway property and ignoring the signs and signals at level crossings. And please, listen to his advice below – it could be the difference between life and death. Peter Mohyla GO Transit on rail safety For more rail safety messages from our partners, check out: A rail safety message from locomotive engineer, Tom Bozyk