Railway trespassing and crossing deaths down in August

Some good news this week—and we could all use some good news these days. In August, the number of Canadians killed in railway crossing and trespassing incidents dropped significantly. Two people lost their lives in incidents last month—that’s down from nine people in August 2019.
Although this is a positive trend, our goal is to get these numbers to zero—because every rail crossing and trespassing-related death is preventable.
Last week, as part of Rail Safety Week (September 21-27th, 2020), Operation Lifesaver launched four new rail safety videos in an attempt to increase awareness about the risks surrounding railway crossings, tracks and trains. The four videos are the latest in OL’s #STOPTrackTragedies campaign. They feature the voices of those personally affected by rail incidents, and their reflections on what they would do differently—if only they were given a second chance. Our hope is that these videos won’t just make people think, but will change how they behave around railway tracks and trains.
Rail Safety Week may be over, but we need your help
to spread the rail safety message year-round and #STOPTrackTragedies. Visit stoptracktragedies.ca and share the videos with your friends, family and community. You could save a life.