Operation Clear Track: Joining forces with police to prevent tragedies

Every year, more than 2,100 North Americans are killed or seriously injured in railway crossing and trespassing incidents. Operation Clear Track is one of the ways that Operation Lifesaver (OL) Canada partners with law enforcement agencies across Canada and the U.S. to prevent these tragedies from happening.  

Coordinated by OL, Amtrak, and Operation Lifesaver Inc. in the U.S.—and held annually during Rail Safety Week (September 20-26, 2021)—Operation Clear Track is the single largest rail-safety law-enforcement initiative in North America. By having police spread the rail safety message, the event aims to reduce the number of railway crossing and trespassing incidents—and save lives.

“Police play a critical role in keeping our communities safe. Operation Clear Track is one of the ways we can work together to encourage safe behaviour around railway crossings, tracks and trains,” says Sarah Mayes, National Director of Operation Lifesaver Canada. “Unfortunately, a split-second decision at a crossing, or near tracks, can end in tragedy—whether it’s trying to beat a train through a crossing or using tracks as a shortcut or path. This event helps to show the public just how risky these behaviours are.”
Bringing the rail safety message to communities across North America
Every year during Operation Clear Track, police visit hundreds of railway crossings at high incident locations and engage in face-to-face education and enforcement activities with the public. Police departments also promote rail safety on their websites and through social media messages.  More than 600 police departments across Canada are taking part in this year’s Operation Clear Track, and for the first time ever, community and bylaw officers will also be participating in the initiative.  
By working with our law enforcement partners, we can #STOPTrackTragedies from happening. You can help too: find out more information about Operation Clear Track, Rail Safety Week and OL’s other rail-safety initiatives and resources on our website, and share our rail safety messages with your loved ones. It could save a life.