Trespassing incidents up in August 2021

Operation Lifesaver’s goal is to eliminate all rail crossing and trespassing incidents. We work to raise awareness about rail safety by holding events like Rail Safety Week (September 20-26), and by promoting public awareness campaigns like #STOPTrackTragedies. But despite our efforts, Canadians continue to be seriously injured and to lose their lives.

Last month, six people were killed while trespassing on railway tracks or property in Canada. That’s three times the number of deaths compared to August 2020. One other person was also seriously injured in a trespassing incident. 
Operation Lifesaver wants to remind Canadians that railway tracks aren’t to be used as a walking, running or recreational path. Trains can come at any time, and from either direction. Even if a train hasn’t been along a stretch of track for a while—even years—it doesn’t mean that one couldn’t come at any moment.Never assume a track is abandoned or inactive. Often, tracks that have been deactivated for years can be reactivated.

And remember, no matter where you live in Canada, if there are train tracks, you need to know the rail safety basics. It could save your life.  For more rail-safety tips, check out our resource page.