Seven Canadians killed in trespassing incidents in August

Trespassing on railway tracks and property continues to be a serious problem—and it’s costing Canadians their lives. In August, seven Canadians were killed while trespassing on federally-regulated railways—and five of these deaths occurred in British Columbia.
Operation Lifesaver wants to remind Canadians that trains can be incredibly quiet, and that tracks are never a safe shortcut. Even though trains can weigh tens of thousands of tonnes (more than 10 million kilograms), it can be surprisingly hard to hear one coming down the tracks—especially if you’re wearing headphones.
No shortcut is worth your life
We know that every trespassing incident is preventable, provided Canadians follow these simple rail safety rules:
  • Never use tracks as a path or a shortcut
  • Only cross tracks at designated railway crossings
  • Always stop, listen, and look in both directions before crossing railway tracks
  • Keep one ear out when wearing headphones near tracks so you can hear oncoming trains
  • Keep off cell phones when around tracks and trains

For more tips on how to stay safe, check out the resources on our website.  You can also watch our new #STOPTrackTragedies videos, launched last week as part of Rail Safety Week. One of the videos shows firsthand the lasting impact of trespassing on railway tracks.