Summer 2015 CP (Social)-63

Operation Lifesaver saves lives by educating Canadians about the hazards surrounding rail property and trains. Our goal is to prevent collisions between trains and motor vehicles. We also work to prevent trespassing incidents that can lead to serious injury or death. We believe even one injury or fatality is one too many, because virtually every incident is preventable.

Operation Lifesaver makes more than 500 presentations every year to schools, youth clubs, driver associations, snowmobile clubs, and other community groups. We work with the rail industry, governments, police, unions, the media, other organizations and the public to spread the word. Please take the time to look through our site and share our life-saving materials – handy “sharing buttons” for social media are placed throughout. What you learn about trains, crossings, motor vehicle accidents, trespassing, and railway safety might save a life. This website offers something of interest for all age groups and we welcome your input on how to improve it. We hope you enjoy the site and should you require additional information on Operation Lifesaver, or on how to become an active supporter, please feel free to contact us through the “Contact” link or at Make safety your priority.