Operation Lifesaver’s goal is to save lives by preventing collisions between vehicles and trains and discouraging trespassing on railway property and tracks. But when it comes to educating Canadians about the hazards surrounding railway property, tracks and trains, we know “seeing is believing.” Our videos show the shocking—and often tragic—results of not following basic rail safety rules. Watching them could save your life.

I didn't hear a train. (HD non 360 version)

Think you can always hear a train coming? Today trains are remarkably quiet. In fact, they can be silent killers.

What train? (Experience the VR)
Scott’s story (full length version)
What train? (HD non 360 version)
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What train? (Experience the VR, no countdown)
Stay alive in your next selfie. Stay off the tracks!
Don't become the tragic victim in your next film. Stay off the tracks!
Don't let a train stop your playlist - permanently. Stay off the tracks!
Rail safety rules: know the facts so you don’t die on the tracks!
Straight up: Trains can kill you!
Behind the scenes: mock train collision, Saint John, NB
Rail safety for truck drivers: one driver's personal account of the risks at level crossings
Rail safety rewind: A look back at 35 years of saving lives
Why is rail safety important?
Rail safety starts with you. Join us in saving lives!
It's a fact: Trains are Deadly
GO Transit safety officer on why being railsafe saves lives
ust say NO to Trespassing on the tracks!
This school year, take rail safety seriously—pass it on
What a railway fatality feels like for a trainmaster
The right rail vs. the wrong rail #SeeTracksThink
How your headphones can kill you #ownsafety
The tragedy of an ATV vs. train collision
Operation Lifesaver Canada: students getting ready for mock collision
Operation Lifesaver mock collisions, New Waterford, Nova Scotia
Operation Lifesaver rail safety mock collisions, New Waterford, Nova Scotia
Operation Lifesaver Canada mock collisions New Waterford, Nova Scotia
Operation Lifesaver Canada mock collisions New Waterford, Nova Scotia
Operation Lifesaver Canada mock collisions New Waterford, Nova Scotia
Interview with Peter Mohyla (GO Transit)
Interview with Brent Fernuik (Bombardier Transportation)
Interview with Greg Pearson (GO Transit)
Interview with Cst. Cynthia Stotz (CN Police)
Off The Rails: Get Off and Stay Off
Off The Rails - P.R.U.N.E.S.
Off The Rails - SafetyRox411
Off The Rails - Train Franco Ontarien
Young railfan talks train safety with Operation Lifesaver
Off The Rails Contest Promo
Video shows short cut gone wrong
Teen hops train, loses arm and leg
Playing around on railway tracks can take your breath away -- permanently.
Drivers and pedestrians remember: a speeding train is like a slap shot that can't be stopped.
In the "Risk Your Life" game, the penalty for losing is death.
Train whistles save lives -- but only if you listen.
Miss a railway signal, miss out on your life.
Farm crossing collisions can be prevented.
Shortcuts kill. Train commutes are quick enough -- never take shortcuts.
Highway railway crossing incident
Dangers of ignoring railway crossing warnings: School bus and train collide
Playing games at highway railway crossings could make you a dead loser.
Only 60 seconds left to live
Where there are two sets of railway tracks, there are no second chances.
Racing a train may seem cool, but you won't live to tell the tale.
A shortcut near a train could also shorten your life.
Racing a train could make your trip faster -- if your destination is the morgue.
Choosing to not pay attention to signals at a railway crossing is like making a death wish.
Climbing a train to save time could mean losing your limbs.
This is one game of follow the leader that only ends in tragedy.
Running on railway tracks is like racing to your death.
A choice to climb on a train car is one you won't likely live to regret.
Drivers, play your part in railway safety -- always respect and obey crossing lights.
Keep your head -- wait for the train to pass!
Railway property is not the right place to be -- trespassing can kill.
X marks the spot: spotting and obeying railway crossing signs could save your life.
Train horns: a sound that saves lives.
Drivers, obey railway signals and make it home alive!
Under estimating train speed can cost you your life!
Taking a gamble at a highway railway crossing could be the death of you.
Operation Lifesaver Celebrates 25-year partnership!
See a railway collision from the engineer's point of view!