Don’t let that text be the death of you: #PracticeSafeText

You’ve done it! You did the work and passed the test and nothing is more important than your ticket to drive – your driver’s license.

But it’s time for a quick reality check. With distracting driving laws in effect across the country and provinces increasing penalties, the need has never been higher to discourage distracted driving near the tracks and highway-railway crossings.… Read More

Talking #railsafety with Peter Mohyla (GO Transit)

Operation Lifesaver interviews Peter Mohyla, Safety Officer and Community Service Officer with GO Transit. Peter, who has been working with Operation Lifesaver for 26 years, talks about the increasing need for rail safety awareness due to the continuing expansion of the railway system across the country.… Read More

Walk on the tracks and you could fall prey to a train

Did you know that a leading cause of railway-related deaths is trespassing?

Pretty shocking, right?

So, here’s the deal: a shortcut on the tracks could shorten your life!

This is the subject of one of last year’s Off the Rails Contest winning entries.… Read More

Talking #railsafety with Brent Fernuik (Bombardier Transportation)

Operation Lifesaver Interviews Brent Fernuik, Manager of Regulatory Compliance and System Safety with Bombardier Transportation, about the importance of rail safety awareness and public education. Mr. Fernuik discusses Operation Lifesaver’s role in educating people of all ages about the many dangers associated with trespassing on railway tracks.… Read More

Talking #railsafety with Greg Pearson (Go Transit)

Operation Lifesaver interviews Greg Pearson, a transit safety officer with GO Transit. Officer Pearson discusses the importance of rail safety and offers some rail safety tips, including “Look, Listen, Live”.

 … Read More

If you try to race a train—you will ALWAYS lose!

We here at Operation Lifesaver have said it time and time again: Never try to race a train to a crossing because even in a tie, you lose! By adhering to this advice, you can help prevent collisions.

This is the subject of one of last year’s Off the Rails Contest winning entries.… Read More

Talking #railsafety with Cst. Cynthia Stotz (CN Police)

Operation Lifesaver interviewed Constable Cynthia Stotz of the CN Police about the importance of rail safety awareness and the dangers of trespassing on railway property. Noting that “train tracks go through just about every major community through Canada”, Constable Stotz advises motorists and pedestrians of all ages how to safely cross railway tracks.… Read More

Professional photographer warns: stay off the tracks!

There’s been a lot of attention recently in regards to photography on and near train tracks. Operation Lifesaver has done its best to educate about the subject through a variety of social media and blog posts. In particular we want professional photographers to know about the danger of trespassing on railway property to take photos.… Read More

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