Thrilling ways to die (and how to avoid them) #ownsafety

Daydreaming about awesome adventures is the best, right?

Snowboarding or skiing down some super sketchy line in the mountains or base jumping off a death-defying cliff and landing on a moving train below like a boss.  You know, since 007 can do it, it’s gotta be doable.… Read More

QUIZ: Will your action-packed lifestyle kill you?

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A how-to guide to avoid dying #ownsafety

According to the Canadian Institute for Health information, “more than 5,600 Canadians are seriously injured every year from winter activities.”

Want to avoid being part of those 5,600? Here’s how.

1. Plan ahead

Know where, when and the conditions before you go.Read More

How not to get killed on your snowmobile this winter

Snowmobiling and crosscountry skiing are two classic Canadian winter activities. Done away from train tracks, they’re a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Done near the tracks, they’re a quick way to get dismembered or killed. Listen to learn why.

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Adventure vs. death

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How to avoid being stupid

It’s that anticipation we start to feel at the end of the Wednesday work or school day, one day closer to the days we covet—the weekend!

You’ve made plans with your friends; you’re going out for a day and embarking on an adventure loaded with good times.… Read More

Don’t let safety slide — 3 ways to adventure safely

Looking to start hammering out your 2015 bucket list of must-do adventures? Don’t forget one vital component—safety. Don’t worry though, it’s super easy to ensure you’ve got your bases covered in the safety department.

While you can’t predict everything that you may encounter (like weather, broken or lost equipment, potential for injury, railway tracks, tunnels and bridges etc.), the key is to be prepared and make sure you’ve got everything on lock to the best of your ability.… Read More

It’s your life—own it #ownsafety

It’s a brand-new year. It’s a chance to change things up in your life. You’ve made the choice that 2015 is going to be a year of firsts. You’re stacking your deck and have taken the pledge to live life to the fullest.… Read More

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