Seriously. Read the Signs.

The world is full of important warnings, signs, and signals. But to our animated character, Reb, these always seem more like…suggestions. What Reb doesn’t know is that ignoring even seemingly inconsequential signs can have dire consequences — like serious injury or death. 

Reb is learning the hard way; but you, your friends, and family don’t have to. You can avoid potentially life-threatening situations by reading and following the signs — especially around railway crossings, tracks, and trains. Seriously: everyone will be happy that you did!

Watch and Learn from Reb's Mistakes

Breaking the park rules seems harmless enough. But maybe there’s a danger that Reb can’t see? That’s also why no trespassing signs exist on railways.
Pressed for time, Reb sometimes acts like the rules don’t apply. But being impatient can have dire consequences — especially at rail crossings.
Reb makes a game out of ignoring warning signs, and gets stuck in some strange situations. But don’t do that around tracks and trains — it could cost you your life.

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