Scare Viewers Safe

Over the past decade, more than 85 per cent of all rail-related deaths and injuries in Canada occurred as a result of motor collisions at railway crossings or trespassing on railway property. Virtually all of these incidents could have been avoided. Look. Listen. Live. is our way of trying to prevent these incidents from happening in the future.

Look. Listen. Live. is a public-awareness campaign to get Canadians thinking—and acting—differently around railway crossings, property and trains.
The campaign uses virtual reality (VR) technology to “scare viewers safe” by giving them the shocking experience of being hit by a train.
See for yourself how fast an incident with a train can happen, and help us to spread the word by using the hashtags #LOOKLISTENLIVE and #SHARETHESCARE.

Warning, some viewers may find these videos disturbing

Want to save time and cross quickly?

Rail crossing gates are there for a reason. Many factors can prevent you from seeing or hearing oncoming trains—especially at busy commuter stations.

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Will You Get Out of The Way in Time?

Today’s trains are fast and quiet. And they can be wider than you might expect.
Think you’re safe beside the tracks?

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Sure Nothing is Coming?

Winter conditions mean you need to be extra vigilant around rail crossings. Especially if you're a snowmobiler.

Think you can always hear and see a train coming?

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Will You Hear it?

Today's trains are remarkably quiet. In fact, they can be silent killers.

Think you can hear a train coming?

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Will You See It?

Trains can often appear slower and futher away than they actually are.

Think you can rely on your senses to stay safe?

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